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Allowing you (or your partner!) to take a rightful place on top of their/your lips, tongue or otherwise, the playful Queening Chair from XR takes the art of face-sitting very, very seriously!

Also known as a smother box, kinging stool or sex throne, the Chair lets one partner sit pretty while the other works magic from below. Perfect for oral sex of all sorts, not to mention penetration and teasing with toys, this sturdy, great looking wood box bench includes a padded seat for the receiver and an adjustable head/neck hammock for the giver. There are also some very handy cuff connectors on either side of the box, just in case you or your partner needs to be reigned in a little. So simple, so sexy!

In metal, PU leather and wood, the Queening Chair should be spot cleaned as often as needed.

*The Chair measures 13" high, 20" wide and 27" long. The Facial opening is 11"long and 8" wide.