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A professional quality yet fantastically user friendly electro massage collection from Fetish Fantasy's Shock Therapy line, the Wireless Electro Massage Kit perfectly positions all the erotic pleasure potential of tingly e-stimulation where most desired.

Containing four wide, far-reaching self adhesive pads and two petite wireless receivers capable of transmitting across the room or other sensual space, the Kit allows for distance play as well as up close and personal experiences. A deluxe power pack mans six possible patterns of electrostimulation and the 15 intensities of each- function and level are clearly displayed on a brightly lit LED screen for easy monitoring.

Clip the two receivers to snaps on two of the re-usable adhesive pads, and place anywhere on the body. Perfect for deep tissue massage as well as more erotic play, the supple material bends and flexes to fully surround desired areas. Once in place, power up the unit and enjoy.

As with any electro toy, the Kit should not be used by or around pregnant women, people with heart conditions and pacemakers, or anyone with health issues. Do not use while driving or operating machinery. Requires 2 1 3V battery and 2 AA batteries, all of which are included. NOT recommended for use in water.