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If you've been following along with us on our sexy toy journey for a while now, you'll know how firmly we believe that some lines should never be crossed. Bodily autonomy, consent, respect – those are hard lines! 100%, no exceptions. When it comes to the lines between fashion and play-gear though, there's room for a little blurriness. Case in point: the Ouch! collection's Chained Bonded Leather Harness.

Seriously great looking and ready to play hard, the Harness buckles around back, positioning criss-cross straps over chest and upper back. Aside from some bad-assery in the form of a single row of chain connecting front and back, Chained features two sturdy O-rings at front and back. Connect them to tethers, leashes, cuffs – whatever suits the mood – or connect nothing at all and sport the Harness as a head-turning accessory.

Adjustable straps (4 in total) let you customize the fit perfectly. Spot clean as needed.

*Fits between 39"/99cm to 47.6"/121cm around the chest and 18.9"/48cm to 22.4"/57cm over shoulders.