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The term 'take it to the next level' is pretty common, and usually, the level you're supposed to be taking it (whatever 'it' is) to is a metaphor. Not this time! The Master Series Slinger is a simple, durable, super supportive tool that'll help you and your partner(s) literally take sex to another level – up!

Easy to assemble on most swing stands or stabilizers, the Slinger includes a comfortable nylon body sling and two removable stirrups. Six carabiners can be attached to the chains or other connection points on your swing stand or bar. Configure the straps and adjust the height to suit your scene, then play away! The Slinger can hold up to 661lbs/300kg.

The Slinger's overall length is 35.5"/90.2cm and the width tapers from 11"/28cm to 35"/89cm. The stirrups are 20"/50.8cm long. Swing stand not included.