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Have you, by any chance, been looking for a chance to show off your knotwork? Or maybe you've been craving a little/a lot of bound-up fun with a partner. In either case, plus many more, Bondage Couture Satin Rope from ns novelties might just be exactly what you're looking for. Whether you're a newbie rigger or an experienced knot master, you'll love how seriously soft this rope is. It's extra gentle, and won't chafe skin as you demonstrate your best clove hitch, bowline, figure eight or reef knot.  Ultra strong and able to be stretched, twisted, tied, wrapped and bound around just about any body part, bedpost, bondage frame or otherwise, the extra long length is tipped by plastic finishers, making the ends easy to find and secure. Though wrists and ankles are an obvious target, the Bondage Couture Satin Rope is long enough to fashion into more elaborate wraps, hogties and beyond, if you'd like. Approximately 25f/7.6m of soft poly rope is included.