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Sometimes, five fingers (yours or your partners) just aren't enough when it comes to – well, coming, right? So, what do you reach for when you're craving something a little different? How about Zero Tolerance's Pop & Toss Pocket Stroker? You'll still be using your/their hand, it's true, but you'll also reap the very sexy benefits of tons of texture, incredible snug softness and a discreet, portable design.

Starting off with a detailed pussy entrance, the pink Pop & Toss comes tucked into a firm(er) plastic case. Just pop it out if you want more control over snugness. Whether it's inside the travel-friendly casing or not, the soft sleeve clings tight all the way to the end, and feel amazing with lots of slippery lube. 

You'll notice a small opening at the back of Pop's case and sleeve. That tiny hole allows a little air air to flow throughout, but you can cover it with a finger if you or your penis-owning partner is craving some suction. 

In body safe TPE (elastomer), the Zero Tolerance Pop & Toss Pocket Stroker is extra hygienic and simple to maintain. Clean it well before and after use with some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam/spray. This stroker is compatible with any favorite water-based lube. 

* Featured measurements include the casing. The inner sleeve is about 6"/15.2cm long and fully penetrable.