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Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, sex on the bed might seem a bit same-old. Don’t get us wrong we know that plenty of super-sexy doing have transpired on your very own sheets, but there may be days and nights when your comfy bed might not scream SEX! For those times, Whip Smart has created the Bed Restraints Kit. Slip these versatile straps under your mattress, position the gorgeous metallic blue cuffs, and voila! Fantasy heaven.

Fitting just abort any sized bed, the Kit contains 4 separate tether straps, each tipped by a softly lined buckle cuff. You’ll be able to place them anywhere you like, from the classic top-to-bottom configuration, to a cross, X shape or something even more unique. If you’re lucky enough to have bedposts, you can even slip the folder-over end of each tether over the posts for quick-and-easy restraint scenarios.

Cuffs fit most. Spot clean as needed.