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In our little corner of the world, we're usually (always) talking about massage in a sensual and/or erotically stimulating context, and there are many, many wand type massager vibes specifically designed to provide tons of powerful sexual pleasure to folks everywhere. Heck, Bodywand makes some fantastic ones!

The VersaWand, however, is a massager in the most literal sense of the word. Featuring percussive, therapeutic-level power, a rotating arm and six muscle, joint and tendon targeting attachments, this All-Over Body Massager was designed for deep tissue massage, muscle stimulation and concentrated relaxation and rejuvenation. In short, it's POWERFUL. Very, very powerful. If you're planning on using it on or around sensitive body areas (aka. genitals), please be extremely careful.

The VersaWand will come to you bent into a 90 degree right angle. The arm up top flexes from there into a straight line, so no matter what body part you need to target, there's an angle that'll suit. The base is extremely sturdy, and features a soft, ribbed grip that's easy to hold onto at all times.

Whether you need a pinpoint shoulder rub, a thumping muscle massage or are looking to relieve tension in your arms or hands, there's an attachment included that'll fit the bill. A Large Round Head is perfect for massaging larger muscles areas, a Shovel Head can be be used for focused massage body-wide, the Bullet Head targets localized body areas, and the Mushroom and Flat Head can help relieve tender areas and focus vibration on legs, hips and hands. The U-Shaped Head can help relieve tension on either side of the spine. All attachments connect easily to the VersaWand's therapy arm.

Power-wise, the VersaWand features three levels of intensity, raging from 1500 to 2500 rpm's. One simple button activates the motor, and cycles through each intensity level. The VersaWand is conveniently rechargeable via USB, so it's perfect for travel. After a full charge, your Wand will run for up to 240 minutes. The charge cable is included. Speaking of travel, a handy travel case is included.

In ABS plastic with zinc alloy, the VersaWand and all attachments are easy to clean with warm soapy water or a compatible toy care fluid/foam.

* The VersaWand is 5.4 x 7"/13.8×17.9cm when at a 90 degree angle and 9.9"/25.2cm when fully extended. Weight:1.4lbs/.64kg. Measurements taken with no attachment in place.