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The Housewife’s Guide to the Practical Striptease is an entertaining manual for women of all shapes and sizes! Accurate descriptions and humorous illustrations give readers what they need to take on the challenge of giving their lover an erotic striptease. Dr Sue Johanson’s advice? give yourself permission to do a little bump and grind just for the fun of it!Humorous and sometimes serious, Miyoko sheds some light on the mystery of erotic dancing, providing a practical approach to your at-home performance!It’s compact size make it a perfect gift book for bridal showers, baby showers, or just for fun! Women of all ages have been able to appreciate this nifty book, not to mention their husbands and lovers.With the current Striptease craze including top celebrities like Teri Hatcher performing her striptease on Oprah, and Lisa Rinner, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, and Shelia Kelly all attesting to their infatuation and physical results of erotic dancing, it is the perfect time to pick up this book! Get your groove on ladies!