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Sheathes are designed to focus your attention on the many pleasures of encasement. This Spartacus Lace Up Sheath can also double as a cock chastity device or the D-ring on the end can be used for leash or weight play.

The look. The aroma. The texture. Nothing arouses the senses like leather. Those who enjoy cock-and-ball play know that a leather sheath enhances the pleasure like no other material, That is why Spartacus use only the softest oiltan leather.

Made out of high quality leather, this accessory provides a good comfortable grip over your loving rod. You can adjust the tightness of action using the simple lace-up closure.
So it is only up to you and your kinky imagination to decide how tight the action should be.

Product Features:

Lace sheath encasement
Comfortable and versatile sheath
Use as chastity device
Attached D-ring to use for leash or weight play
Top quality leather – smell good and look genuine
Adjustable tightness for comfort and grip

Product Details:

Colour: Black
Weight: 28 g (9.92 oz)
Length: 125 mm (5.0″)
Thickness: 3 mm (0.12″)
Circumference: 113 mm (4.5″)
Material: Soft Oiltan Leather
Made in United States of America