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You may or may not be comfortable with the idea of a threesome in real life, but no need to worry, this SONO plug isn’t that kind of 3-Way! Totally unique in shape and designed for a super-stimulating stretch, the No. 72 3-Way features three silky petals that expand outward once the plug’s in place.

Spread wide to max diameter straight out of the box, the No. 72’s flexible petals needs to be pinched together just before penetration. If you’ve got a helpful playmate along for the ride, great, but if not, just squeeze the open shape between your fingers.

Like any good butt toy, the 3-Way features a nice widespread rocker base to protect against too-deep slips, and to assist with positioning and removal. The up-curled shape can even tickle and tease your perineum which, if you own a prostate gland, can equal a very good time!

In ultra silky matte silicone, the 3-Way is body safe, fully hypoallergenic and extremely hygienic. Warm soapy water works great for every day clean-up, but this plug can also be boiled, bleached or run through the dishwasher (top rack, low heat!) for more rigorous sterilization. Choose a great quality water based lube to use with this plug, please avoid contact with silicone lubricants, and store the 3-Way away from other toys.