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Ushering in a completely unique, handsfree way to massage up to four separate muscle groups or erogenous zones simultaneously, the Massera Sonik kit harnesses the relaxing, tension relieving and incomparably exhilarating benefits of electrostimulation in an amazingly user friendly way.

Utilizing controlled waves of electricity, the Sonik deeply stimulates the areas of the body you’re focusing on by channeling variable patterns and intensities of gentle shocks through four electrode. Soft adhesive pads target the power, be it on the neck and shoulders for a hands free massage, or on more erotic areas of the body. Once the electrodes are attached, you’ll use the digital control to vary the strength, speed and pattern of the impulses flowing through them, choose from a subtle tingle to a deeper throbbing tap and more in between, in all totaling countless combinations. Directions and tips are included. Controller requires 2 AAA batteries, which are included. NOT for use in or around water.