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A Sensual Japanese Bath Experience

Turns Bath Water into a Luxurious Jelly

But what is the LOVEBATH?

Inspired by the sensual ritual of Japanese, where erotism is promoted, SHUNGA is offering today’s lovers a pause in time to enjoy a unique bath experience.

Empty package contents into bathtub and watch closely as water transforms into thousands of delicate pearls engorged with water. This rich unctuous pearly gel adds a delicate perfume to the room while brightening the water of a relaxing color! With your lover, step into this oasis and let your bodies rest, discover the amazing sensorial sensation of your body being enrobed, awakening all your senses. The therapeutic proprieties of this gel hydrate and exfoliate your skin making it smooth, desirable and ready to receive your lover’s soft touch…

This LoveBath quickly becomes a playground prone to lovers’ madness!