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When it comes to (playful and consensual, of course) rough-and-tough sexiness, there’s nothing better than a great pair of cuffs. We love cuffs, and if you’re into bondage play, you probably do, too. Sometimes though, cuffs just aren’t enough. Sure, they’ll hold your/your partner’s wrists or ankles up, down and out of the way, but what if you don’t have a bedpost, strap, or sturdy piece of gear to hitch the cuffs to? You pull out the Saffron Spreader Bar & Cuffs Set, obviously!

Fair warning: if you’re looking for something adjustable and forgiving, this set isn’t for you. Welded, super sturdy, matte black metal forms a solid bar that’ll keep your or your partners legs, arms or both apart in comfy, (yet super-secure) vegan leather cuffs. Each of four included cuffs attaches to one of the Saffron Spreader Bar’s four ring connectors placed strategically along the length.

If you’re not in the mood to spread your legs, you can absolutely use the cuffs in any other way that suits the scene. They’ll attach to themselves, or any compatible bondage gear you may already own.

In vegan leather (PU), stainless steel and nickel free metal, the Saffron Spreader Bar & Cuffs Set should be spot cleaned as needed. You can use a favourite toy care fluid/foam, or some warm soapy water.

* The Spreader Bar is 24.75″/62.87cm end-to-end. Cuffs adjust to fit about 5″/12.7cm of wrist/ankle diameter.