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Seriously sexy and definitely erotically inspirational, this designer combo of supple white faux leather and taste-free metal represents a creative take on a favourite piece of play gear. Very effectively restraining its wearer (orally, at least), the Ouch! XL Ring Gag silences sound and discourages spitting, biting and various other forms of oral disobedience.

Filling your/their mouth with a firm 2″/5.08cm metal ring, the Gag XL slips securely into place around the back of your/their head and buckles tight. As with any gag, please keep a watchful eye on your bound-up partner to be sure they can breath/swallow comfortably. In other words, play safe!

The Ouch! Ring Gag is easy to clean using warm soapy water or a favourite toy care fluid/foam. Fits most.