The tech term ‘smart’ seems to be everywhere these days. Phones are smart, cars are smart, watches are smart- but pumps? Pumps can be smart too! Or at least, this one can. Designed to help enhance erection, improve endurance and feel amazing all at once, CalExotic’s Optimum Series comes through with the Advanced Automatic Smart Pump.

Sleek and stable, a nice long chamber sits below a simple interface above. Strategically crystal clear, the Smart is naturally magnifying- an ego boost before you even get started won’t hurt at all! Over the entrance, your choice of a plushy, super-soft donut or a thick stroker-style sleeve cushions skin like magic as it maintains a great seal.

With the Auto Smart, you’ll be able to easily customize your pump session with steady manual suction or adjustable pressure settings along with a timer. All suction modes are easily manned (and always highly visible!) thanks to a big LED lit digital screen. A dedicated power/travel lock button and separate quick release make control a breeze. Detailed instructions are included.

Fully US rechargeable, the Smart Pump powers up using the included USB cable and any free port (or compatible adapter). A 2 hour full charge will run the pump for up to 12 hours.

In sturdy polystyrene, ABS plastic and TPR/TPE (sleeve and donut), the materials making up the Auto Smart are body safe and easily maintained. The Advanced Auto Smart Pump should be disassembled and all components washed well before and after pumping using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. If a lube’s in play, please go with a good water based formula.

* The Automatic Smart Pump Measures approximately 12.75″ (32.4cm) in total with about 7.75″ (19.7cm) penetrable. Approximately 2.25″ (5.7cm) in diameter