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It’s the Brand New Lil Boobie Pop Sucker, a definite must for your next Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Sweet Treat supplies selection!!

The Lil Boobie Pop are a great tasting Boob orb to satisfy any sweet boob fixation, I mean, who wouldn’t wanna suck on one of these?!?!

The Lil Boob lolli pops are sold individually, so you can pick up the exact number you are looking for to make sure everyone at the Bachelor Party or Bachelorette Party have a ‘boob’ to suck on!

The Lil Boob Suckers stand 5″ tall with the stick and the actual boobie candy pop part is about an 1 1/2 round with a cute little colored nipple at the top.

This will quickly be an LGBT Bachelorette Party Favorite and are great to use as a bachelor or bachelorette party table decoration, use them in a centerpiece, and make a great gift bag addition!!

The Lil Boobie pops are small enough to fit in a purse so you can take them with you and even make a fun gift to pick up for a friend who might be “Have a Little Work Done” as a get well soon fun gift.

Sold individually