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Ever felt like sex could be a little more…juicy? Let's be real, dryness happens, it's a thing. Uncomfortable friction can be a real mood killer, but here's the good news – it's completely avoidable! With the right lube in hand (and in other places), sex can keep slip-sliding along till everyone's satisfied. Juicy AF is the right lube.

Coming to you and yours in a cute mess-free squeeze bottle, bottle, this thick, crystal clear, non-drip jelly lubricant will stay put on toys, hands and bodies. Dryness doesn't stand a chance. Use it to add some sweetness to oral sex, or use it to add moisture and glide to sex, foreplay and fun with all your toys.

Juicy AF's water based formula is safe for use with all toy materials, and can be used with latex condoms, too. This lube contains no paraben, petroleum or animal based products and it's pH balanced.