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A perfectly portable gift set including two sensual Earthy Body favourites, It Takes Two was specially curated to enhance pleasure for both partners.

Clean, safe and ultra versatile, WaterSlide lube adds lot of slipperiness where it’s most needed. Non-staining and odor free, Slide feels completely natural, jiving seamlessly with the body’s own lubrication. Blended with carageenan (derived from seaweed), WaterSlide re-activates when in contact with natural moisture. Aside from carrageenan, this lubricant contains purified water and natural propanediol- the paraben, glycerine and petroleum free formula is ideal for even the most sensitive skin, and is compatible with all toy materials and latex condoms. No animal testing.

Tingly and playful, Love Button all-natural sensual enhancer awakens nerve endings body-wide. A dab on the clitoris, nipples or head of the penis noticeably sensitizes skin, maximizing pleasure. Stimulating soybean, cocoa, apricot hempseed, jojoba, avocado and peppermint oils along with gentle shea butter rounds off the natural ingredient list. Should not be used in combination with latex condoms.

WaterSlide lube – 1oz/30ml
Love Button Arousal Balm – .45oz/12.75g