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A collection of portable treats perfect for escapades at home and away, Earthly Bodys Hemp Seed Tasty Travel Kit combines four sensual favorites able to be mixed, matched or enjoyed individually. Keeping things slippery and friction-free, Waterslide lube slides into lovemaking routines effortlessly. A thin, water-based formula feels completely natural and in fact helps intensify the bodys own lubrication. The addition of carrageenan (derived from seaweed) allows Waterslide to re-activates in contact with natural moisture. A completely delicious, lick-able, suck-able and absolutely indulgent oil for incredible hands (and lips)-on sexy and sensual massage, Pineapple Edible Massage & Body Oil moisturizes, softens and nourishes skin while adding slick sexy glide to hands-on touch. Matching that sweet tropical flavor, the 3-in1 Edible Massage Candle was created using completely natural, high end ingredients that nourishes while adding dreamy smooth slipperiness to hands-on touch. Likewise, a melty, indulgent scent and silky feel helps soothe away stress and tension, plus, it's edible, lick-able, and delicious. Love Button is a perfect accompaniment to sex and foreplay. A tingly dab on the clitoris, nipples or head of the penis will increase blood flow to the area, awakening nerve endings and enhancing sensitivity. Includes Waterslide lube- 1oz/29.6mL – Pineapple Edible Body & Massage Oil – 2oz/59mL – Pineapple 3-in-1 Edible Massage Candle – 2oz/59mL – Love Button Arousal Balm – .45oz/13mL