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Designed to direct all the incredible pleasures of electrostim to sensitive male erogenous zones, Fetish Fantasys Shock Jock provides perfect control over the desired level and rhythm of electricity as couples (or solo lovers) explore electrifying stimulation. Of a supple, ultra flexible vinyl secured with a simple snap waistband, the Shock Jock fits comfortably, snugly containing the shaft and scrotum as strategically placed metallic studs at the interior allow for the even flow of electricity throughout. The range of available stimulation is fantastically impressive, pulses can be varied from fast to slow, as can the intensity of the shocks from a gentle tingle to a sharper, throbbing tap- adjust via a simple dial and switch on the control unit. On the topic of that same control unit, it's sleek and lightweight, fitting snugly into a pocket placed within easy reach on the Shock Jocks size-adjustable waist-strap. Shock Jock aside, the unit itself doubles as a handheld electro massager that can be made use of anywhere on the body, the oval centerpiece acts as a ground, so that any part of the metal top that contacts skin will transfer sensation. Just flip the switch from Out to In to enjoy this feature, flip it back when the Jock is connected. As with any electro toy, the Shock Jock should not be used by or around pregnant women, people with heart conditions and pacemakers, or anyone with health issues. Do not use while driving or operating machinery. Requires 1 3V battery, which is included. Fits most. NOT recommended for use in water.