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Sharing even more closeness, lots of full-coverage firmness and some extra thickness, texture and sensation with your partner(s) couldn't be easier than slipping on a great cock ring. Really! Searching for that c-ring of your and their dreams? Dr. Joels All Star Enhancer Ring might just end your constriction quest. Featuring tons of beaded texture and lots of pliable stretchiness, the All Stars two rings loop sturdily over the base of your or your partners shaft and balls, or a dildo/strap-ons shaft and base. If a penis is in play, the double ring design adds lots of sexy, erection-boosting firmness, but in either case, the bumpy texture and extra thickness will feel great for everyone involved. In body-safe elastomer, the All Star is perfect for partners with sensitive skin, this material is also extremely easy to clean and maintain. The All Star can be safely used with any favorite water based lube. Stretches to fit most.