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When it comes to your play gear, whether it's cuffs, a harness, a hogtie or a classic blindfold, design is definitely important. You want something made to play as hard as you can, something that'll help fulfil your bound-up fantasies, right? Sometimes, though, you also want something that looks spectacular, too. Thanks to the Diamond Collection by Whip Smart, and the 3-Piece Adjustable Body Harness, to be specific, you won't have to sacrifice beauty for brawn! This versatile restraint set boasts all the stable, rough-and-tumble security you crave, plus a truly beautiful appearance. When it's time for a hook-up, the Adjustable Body Harness presents all sorts of play possibilities. Buckle the thick collar around their neck, positioning the vertical body strap either front, skimming down their chest, or back, hanging down between their shoulder blades.  Four D-rings on either side of the strap plus a bonus ring at the bottom connect via included swivel clasps to the pair of included adjustable padded cuffs or any tethers, leashes and otherwise you may already own. An adjustable belt down below holds everything securely place. Cuffs, collar and waist strap adjust to fit just about any size. Spot clean as needed.