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Could we, perchance, interest you in a great little tool that'll make sex feel even better for you AND your partner? Yes? Great! Extra user friendly and extra portable, perfect for lots of fun at home or away, the Alpha Dual Cage & Ring adds tons of extra texture and thickness, sexy support and maybe even some increased stamina. Sliding easily into place over your/their shaft and scrotum or the shaft and base of a strap-on or dildo, the thick, silky Cage & Ring holds nice and steady during sex. If a penis is in play, all that full-coverage constriction teams up to help slow things down and keep you or them harder, longer. In CalExotics signature liquid silicone, the Dual Cage & Ring is 100% body safe and extra easy to clean. Wash it well before and after playtime with warm soapy water or a favorite toy care fluid/foam. If you'll be using a lube with your Ring, be sure to choose a good quality water-based formula. Avoid silicone based lubes, and keep your Ring away from other silicone products.  Rings stretch from about 1.5/3.75cm diameter