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“A romance game for your body, mind and spirit.” From the back of the box: “A Lover’s Touch offers the opportunity for the two of you to experience a wide variety of both physical and emotional intimacies and have fun too! The game activities have been specially created to progress from affectionate sharing and touching to bolder and more intimate activities that lovers partake in with each other. For night after night of love, discovery and romantic adventures the game play integrates the 85 intimate game board activities and 54 passionate scenarios from The Lover’s Touch Card Game-TM” From the rule book: “Object of the Game” -To share with your lover a variety of sensual, intimate, and affectionate delights. Purposes of the Game -To have fun developing a deeper understanding of what you and your lover like and want in your intimate relationship. -To engage in an extended session of love making that builds on anticipation, creativity, adventure, and a progression of physical intimacy. -To expand you sensory awareness through activities using sight, hearing, taste, smell, and… touch.” The first player to reach the “Final Play” space on the game board ends the game play. Both players are most definitely winners! Game components: -1 game box -1 rule book (which contains a list of 16 recommended items for use with the game) -1 game board containing 1 “Begin Here” square, 85 activity squares including 12 “Pick a card.” squares, and 1 “Final Play” square -56 activity cards -1 red, six-sided die -1 yellow pawn -1 white pawn